Masking Tape

With great effect of color separation, masking tape has clear boundary lines and owns the beauty of arc art. The product is made of textured paper and pressure sensitive adhesive. One side of the paper is coated by pressure sensitive adhesive while the other side is coated by anti-sticking materials. The masking tape features high temperature resistance and high adhesive force. It will not be impacted by chemical solvents. There is no adhesive residue after tearing up the tape. It is easy to use and clean.

It is widely used for interior decoration and painting of household appliances and fancy cars. The product is a good choice for customers.

Width: 5mm to 50mm
Length: 10m to 50m
Different temperature specifications: normal temperature masking tape, medium resistant masking tape(80℃), high temperature resistant masking tape(100℃-160℃)

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of masking tape in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including aluminum foil tape PVC electrical tape, cloth duct tape, PTFE tape.

Related Names
Adhesive Masking Tape | Masking Adhesive Tape | Paper Masking Tape

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