Aluminum Foil Tape

With smooth surface, aluminum foil tape achieves great performance of heat reflection. It is moisture proof and water proof. Made of high quality pressure-sensitive adhesive, the product features high adhesive force, high stickiness and aging resistance. Cooperating with aluminum foil composite material, the tape can fix joints. It could also be used to seal puncture points of insulations nails.

The adhesive tape has been widely used in industries of refrigerators, air conditioners and electronics. It is applied in positions requiring electromagnetic shielding of electronic products such as PDA, PDP, LCD monitors, laptops and copiers. Pasted on the surface of steam pipes, the product could prevent heat loss. The thickness is ranging from 0.05mm to 0.08mm and different widths and lengths are available.

As a specialized manufacturer and supplier of aluminum foil tape in China, we offer a vast range of other related products, including masking tape, PVC electrical tape, cloth duct tape, PTFE tape.

Related Names
Aluminum Tape | Aluminum Adhesive Tape | Foil Adhesive Tape

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